Thursday, January 26, 2006 

WaPoop'd again

Humor Has It... that The Wapoo has pooped again over the so called ombudsman Debra Howell and the huge firestorm of her not retracting her inartful lies about Democrats and Indian Tribes, then having the .post blog deleting, replacing, deleting, half ass replacing the comments that poured in over her article. Instead of outright addressing the fault of the issue which belongs squarely on the WaPoo and it's lack of journalistic ethics, it was more convenient to twist the story to blame the bloggers and everyone who noticed then rightfully complained. Now we are -ahem- "uncivil" for practicing our right to dissent and demand ethics and truthful reporting. *gasp* Imagine that. Now I know truth and ethics are quite quaint and rather archiac these days amongst most of Old Media, but enough is enough.

So Jim Brady decided to invite his butt buddy Glenn Reynolds (whom I refuse to link in)to poorly attempt to abuse and manhandle our lovely heroine Jane Hamsher in an online panel called "Interactivity Ethics" yesterday. What a joke! Those guys will find out karma is a boomerang.

At first this 'panel' was invited to go to D.C. but that was soon cancelled as being much too dangerous to have to take on the formidible Jane in person, he hastily switched it to a tightly controlled online chat to try to marginalize her. Go read for yourself what happened there.

Jane has issued a challenge to Brady for a real live Combat Chat, and has more of the story here and here. If he's a real man he'll show up.

Graphics love to Jesus' General, he has

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