Friday, August 01, 2008 

Total Solar Eclipse Aug 1 2008

A screenshot I took of "Totality" at 7:09 A.M. EDT taken from the live webcast from China at the ExplOratorium website:

"On August 1, 2008, a total solar eclipse will occur as the new moon moves directly between the sun and the earth. The moon’s umbral shadow will fall on parts of Canada, Greenland, the Arctic Ocean, Russia, Mongolia, and China. The Exploratorium’s eclipse expedition team (our fifth!) will Webcast the eclipse live from the remote Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwestern China near the Mongolian border."

Another live screenshot I captured at 7:45 A.M. from NASA TV webcast with beautiful reds and cloud shadows. There was a lot of cloud cover for this solar eclipse this morning. But like a miracle they parted with barely a minute to go to "totality" and you could hear the crowd cheer as the eclipse came into full view and went total. Gorgeous and spiritual.

UPDATE: The NASA eclipse page has several of the solar eclipse images up now.

To read the astrological aspects of today's total solar eclipse, Leo rising for the eastern USA, please go visit my favorite astrologer Robert Wilkinson at Aquarius Papers - Global Astrology. His post: The Solar Eclipse of August 1, 2008 - Long Range Transfiguration, Tears of Joy is packed with excellent information, as always.