Friday, April 18, 2008 

Obama feeling down, his Claw comes out

Humor Has It... that when Obama is feeling down...
his Claw comes out. !

Or as ladywalker68 commented over at Taylor Marsh:

"...After all, they are only BIRDS.....Just BIRDS"

Obama got his ass kicked 6 ways to Sunday in the latest debate held Wednesday night on ABC, and not just by Hillary this time. For the first time evah he was finally nailed with some hard questions, questions that America (except for his followers) have been wondering about. Instead of getting his pillow fluffed and constantly adjusted while the waving palm fronds waft a cool breeze over him on CNN and MSNBC: you know, his Free Campaign Networks & Advertising Coalition. Now he's wailing that ain't Wright. !

The next day he had a full hissy fit and once again attacked Hillary, and by making more than just disparaging remarks. He's claiming Hillary scratched him I guess, oh how horrible. Just Words.. Just Birds. Watch this short clip:

And for a longer version with a better viewpoint and a full range of him in action check out this YouTube:

Monday, April 14, 2008 

Seat Our Delegates Petition

sign the Seat Our Delegates Petition

Piper over at Seat Our has been working hard on a petition for weeks to count our Michigan & Florida votes and to seat our delegates. The goal is to gather at least 50,000 signatures and deliver the petition by June to the DNC in Washington D.C.

The petition says:

We, the Black Sheep Delegation of the Democratic party, demand that the Democratic National Committee recognize the results of Florida's and Michigan's primaries and seat our delegates at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

On January 15, 2008, 572,129 Michigan Democrats voted in the Democratic primary even though two of the three frontrunners for the nomination had voluntarily pulled their names from the ballot.

On January 29, 2008, 1.7 million Floridians voted in the Democratic primary despite being told repeatedly that their votes wouldn't count.

We voted in record numbers because we are deeply concerned about the future of our country. We are thinking about the economy, national security, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, energy independence, the environment, and health care. We are not concerned with primary schedules. We are private citizens, and we are not responsible for the tug-of-war between the state Democratic parties and the DNC. We demand that our votes be counted now before the primary season ends. We will not be subjected to another vote or a caucus.

UPDATED ON MARCH 20, 2008: A 50-50 split of delegates is also unacceptable.

Howard Dean's "50-state strategy" was credited with returning the House and Senate to the Democrats in 2006. Do not leave Florida and Michigan voters out in 2008. Count our votes now, or don't count on us to vote in November.

Please go sign the petition here:
and leave a comment to let the DNC know how you feel about disenfranchising our votes from 2 important swing states in the GE. Let them know it is completely unacceptable to rip two stars from our flag with this harmful 48 state strategy.

I've teamed up with Piper and helped her build a new blog to go with her website and give people a place to comment further here: Seat Our Delegates Blog. Stop by anytime, we'd love to hear from you.

Please visit the new blog and let us know what you think about this current mess that Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, Ralph Dawson, and David McDonald from the DNC have done to our states when they decided it was "okay" to go 100% nuclear on MI & FL, but let NH, NV, and SC leapfrog their primary dates up with zero punishment.

Note: Help us to gather more signatures in your local area no matter where you live. Print it out here: Download Petition [PDF]
Go to this page for the address to mail the petition signatures to us, and for more information on contacting the DNC: How To Help

Wednesday, April 09, 2008 

Stop the Sexist Media Madness on air and in the blogosphere

IndyRobin spent a month producing her first YouTube video for her new ShutTheFreudUp Productions. She had the excellent tech help of GeekLove and many people sending in trillions of examples of the insidious Sexism and Misogyny in our so called news "media" and websites. Against our first viable presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton in particular, and all women in general. They could easily make a movie with this huge amount of material shown. I don't have to imagine what was on the cutting room floor, we've had to watch it all go down and suffer through it all along. Our media, no matter the venue, are some depraved sick fucks and we're past mad as hell.

They have compiled a shocker of a tip of the iceberg video. It went viral immediately as we knew it would. As of my last check this morning it has been viewed 94,889 times since its release just 3 days ago on April 6th, picked up all over, and reports of ABC News noticing it. Please watch it and let the media know this is not acceptable in any way:

Hillary Clinton: Mad As Hell/Bitch (9:03 min)

Going through my blogroll last night checking for more sexist idiots or Clinton Derangement Syndrome (CDS) assholes to purge I came upon this post by Howie over at Down With Tyranny revealing to us that he is another Sexist Blozo:

In general I'd say yes. But some of the specifics are less than convincing. So what if he routinely humiliates women as a matter of normal operating procedure? Some women love being humiliated. You know that whole flap about calling his wife Cindy a "trollop and a cunt" for pointing out his thinning hair in front of some newspaper reporters? Maybe she deserved that and maybe she should be happy he didn't slug her. After all, he does slug people. I mean when he really flies off the handle, like when someone points out his age-- which he's apparently even more sensitive about than his baldness. But here, too, I'm not all that concerned. I mean... so he and Rick Renzi slapped each other a few times. So? Rick Renzi is a pompous dick and he certainly deserves to be beaten up. McCain should have punched him around every day.
posted by DownWithTyranny @ 10:57 AM

You've got to be fucking kidding Howie if you think disgusting sexist statements like that are acceptable. They are not. In reporting a statement that may have been made by McCain years ago you seem to think it's OK to make more sexist statements about his wife, and all women by extention? Sexism is the reason you won't find me ridiculing women like Michelle Malkin or Ann Coulter or making nasty graphics about them, just because they are female, on my blog no matter what political party they belong to or how much I disagree with them. We get more than plenty of that from your ilk. Our Left Blogistan is a misogynistic disgrace as much as Freeperville on the Right. Well I AM concerned. Very much concerned I yanked you off my blogroll and removed the Blue America promotions in my sidebars. You deserve to be shunned. Us ladies are perfectly capable of discerning who we want to support whether it is in the blogosphere or our candidates. Without your kind of "maleviews". Thankfully a real man, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, that has been speaking out against the sexism and misogyny noticed your despicable ramblings and left the first of only 2 comments on the thread:

At 5:35 PM, skippy said...

i hope to hell that's satire.

you can't be serious that a woman deserves to be called a "cunt" for pointing out that a bald guy is bald.
Thanks Skippy! Considering Howie didn't respond I think we all know Howie wasn't practicing any satire to speak of. We appreciate the fact you pointed that out to him that it better be. Skippy can come party with us at our table anytime.