Tuesday, March 24, 2009 

Breaking: Obot's Constitution found

Humor Has It... that I came across a copy of an Obot Constitution. I wasn't surprised one bit to see some items redacted, the way they treat it. But look at it very closely:

The body of the damn thing is upside down and assbackwards! No wonder they can't follow it correctly or understand our beloved real U.S. Constitution. I don't even want to look at what they might have done to Article II Section I, on eligibility. Thankfully I've made an Obot Constitution Primer that is in my sidebar to remind them of what the eligibility requirements are and where it is.

Friday, March 20, 2009 

New Series: "Take Me To Your TelePrompter!"

Take Me To Your TelePrompter
What Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen was really thinking

Humor Has It... that I'm very pleased to announce that I'm starting a new original series here on 2HHI4U called "Take Me To Your TelePrompter!", or TMTYT for short. Check back often as other world leaders, pundits, and assorted galaxy beings try to have a convo with the stuttering TOTUS. (TelePrompter of the United States)

It seems most of the So Called Media are trying to blame Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen himself on the TOTUS administration's latest huge screw up. Noooooo you clueless sorry bastards and excuses for journalism, the blame lies squarely with BO and his staff of punk gropers that run Obama's teleprompter head. Will somebody please hack into that damn TelePrompter, make it tell the Truth for once so that we can impeach him sooner rather than too later? Where are the real 'tekkie script kiddies' when America really needs them?

I'll let the peeps over at I Hate The Media explain what the "official version" is:


Here’s what happened:

Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen was giving a speech when he realized he was repeating the same words President Obama had just read from the same teleprompter. Cowen stopped, turned to the president and said, “That’s your speech.”

Obama laughed. Oh, how he laughed. It was the laugh of a man who was thinking, “Damn, I’m glad that wasn’t me.”

Then he compounded the problem by walking up to the podium, staring into his trusty teleprompter and giving Cowen’s remarks instead of his own.

In the words of Fox News, “President Obama thanked President Obama for inviting everyone over." [ed: my emph]

So of course over at Barack's Teleprompter Blog , the TelePrompter has responded with its own excuses:

"Well, last night didn't go well. What can I say? I was tired. By the time Barack and the Irish PM stood up, the President and I had already done two major policy speeches, three nomination announcements, and light dinner banter for a table of twelve...

... Barack and I don't go anywhere without each other; we even complete each other's sentences ... well, more mine than his, but let's not split hairs."

There, there, we're trying to understand. No mention of him thanking himself. (tele a tele)

We already know being a TelePrompter is a thankless job. I mean afterall you can't use the excuse of the scandalous new Wednesday Nite Whitehouse Wild Whoopee Parties since St. Pats Day fell on a Tuesday this year. But I'm afraid it is not "Top O the Day" anymore is it, it's more like "Tip(ple) O the Day".

For I espied one of your BOteleprompter Twitters (Twitter: a.k.a. the 2008 candidate's supreme vetter. Don't miss Crys 4 Prez: she's been thoroughly 'blogged, texted, twittered and otherwise massaged' and vetted for prez on Twitter too!) from March 19th that says:
"What's a TelePrompter gotta do to get a drink on Air Force One?" See? I think you meant Air Force Won. Man do they have a 9/12 Step Program for you!

Friday, August 01, 2008 

Total Solar Eclipse Aug 1 2008

A screenshot I took of "Totality" at 7:09 A.M. EDT taken from the live webcast from China at the ExplOratorium website:

"On August 1, 2008, a total solar eclipse will occur as the new moon moves directly between the sun and the earth. The moon’s umbral shadow will fall on parts of Canada, Greenland, the Arctic Ocean, Russia, Mongolia, and China. The Exploratorium’s eclipse expedition team (our fifth!) will Webcast the eclipse live from the remote Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwestern China near the Mongolian border."

Another live screenshot I captured at 7:45 A.M. from NASA TV webcast with beautiful reds and cloud shadows. There was a lot of cloud cover for this solar eclipse this morning. But like a miracle they parted with barely a minute to go to "totality" and you could hear the crowd cheer as the eclipse came into full view and went total. Gorgeous and spiritual.

UPDATE: The NASA eclipse page has several of the solar eclipse images up now.

To read the astrological aspects of today's total solar eclipse, Leo rising for the eastern USA, please go visit my favorite astrologer Robert Wilkinson at Aquarius Papers - Global Astrology. His post: The Solar Eclipse of August 1, 2008 - Long Range Transfiguration, Tears of Joy is packed with excellent information, as always.

Thursday, June 26, 2008 

MDR: Protect and demand the voting rights of Michigan citizens

A new site went up this week called Michigan Demands Representation for us Michigan disenfranchised voters. They have a couple of petitions to sign, one for Michigan residents or one for national support citizens, to "tell the DNC that no one has the right to take away your vote". Their front page mission statement says in part:


Michigan Demands Representation (MDR) is a grassroots organization formed to protect the voting rights of Michigan citizens. We are not affiliated with any political organization. We received no funding from any corporate, political, or special interest group. We are a group of concerned voters who are outraged that our civil liberties are being violated. We, as Michiganders, must send a message to our elected officials that we will no longer sit idle and allow our voting rights to be abused and ignored. Any voter, regardless of party affiliation, should be concerned. This is a civil liberties issue, not a campaign or candidate issue.

It is a sister site to Florida Demands Representation [FDR]. Loving h/t to No Quarter for bringing this much needed new Michigan site to our attention. Please go over to MDR and sign the petition.

Thursday, June 19, 2008 

Get on the road for your Donation Vacation today!

Humor Has It... that the DNC is broke dick. Imagine that. The dickheads are broke. They've dissed and ignored just about everyone in sight and wonder why we're going to take a long vacation from donating or voting for them this year? Well us PUMA's have very good reasons that we've been pinching our pennies. From them. It sure is keeping the DNC in a real No Deal pinch.
Our fine friends over at Just Say No Deal action page found a site that will help you decide what to do with all those return envelopes for desperate donations they've been sending out to anything that moves. Or on all those donor lists they've been wasting money on buying up. If you've been looking for a creative way to tell them what you'll be doing all summer here's a travel brochure for you to Check Out:

Introducing Operation "Donation Vacation"
Have you received a request from the DNC for Donations? Do you feel like you have been ignored? Take a "Donation Vacation". Join in on the protest and send them this check for nothing to:

The Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capitol St. SE
D.C. 20003

Drive on over to the new site DNC Boycott (I prefer "Boyzcott" of course), read the rest, do your duty and download your blank check to send to the DNC. Tell the zeros at the DNC thanks a lot for nothing. Please note that you may have to change the graphic file extention from PNG to a JPG or GIF so that it will print properly. Get on the road for your Donation Vacation today!

If you happen to be from Michigan or Florida I would suggest doing what many have done already. Rip the check in half to make a point about our disenfranchisement and half vote status.

Monday, June 16, 2008 

New Coalition: Just Say No Deal

Just Say No Deal

A new coalition has formed this week called Just Say No Deal in reaction to the subversion of democracy committed by the Democratic Party that we have witnessed in this 2008 election year. We are aghast to discover they pre-selected and then pushed a flawed, unqualified, inexperienced, opportunist, no substance candidate down our throats by hook & crook tactics. Behind closed doors and against the will of the majority of We the People. I'm having none of it.

I too Just Say No Deal. Please go sign up at their new site and tell the DNC and the world: NObama. In no time flat they've had over 80+ sites join up and it is swiftly growing by the day. PUMA Power is roaring our displeasure. Millions of us will be heard before this fall. And go give our fine Ladies over at Hireheels.com some love for helping to put the Just Say No Deal website together. It's impressive how fast it has spread and gotten the media attention we need.

I've known since before we had our primary in Michigan on Jan 15th that I can never vote for Obama. The very person who made our primary more of a nightmare than it already was by deliberately removing his name from our ballot and talking half of the other guys into going along with him to diminish and attempt to invalidate Hillary Clinton's substantial lead and her win in my state. As the months have worn on it became clear there were many unsavory connections, aspects, and traits to Obama that we weren't aware of until this election cycle. America needs the competent candidate and that is Hillary Clinton.

We must Just Say No Deal. No Dice. No Chance. NObama.

just say no deal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mz8AuAAyRY8

Saturday, June 14, 2008 

My vote cost an arm and a leg this year

Thanks go out to PatRacimora over at No Quarter for the graphic.

Apparently the DNC & RBC thinks the voters in Michigan and Florida only have half a brain left too. Are we supposed to be using our left brain or right brain now? Are we going to suffer phantom itches where the other half of our vote is supposed to be? It is too late for Dr. Dean to fix this up. We're not voter crash test dummies.

Make sure to read Piper's eyewitness account of the sham May 31st RBC meeting. Also Iphie over at Corrente has a couple of first person accounts of the meeting: Initial thoughts on RBC debacle, and a followup post with More from RBC meeting.

- Cross posted at Seat Our Delegates blog

Update: Saw this cartoon on a blog, it perfectly captures how the DNC managed to make us MI & FL voters less than 3/5ths of a vote. Heckava job HowieCo, eh. I find it amazing that after this year's total clusterfuck that the DNC thinks I would trust them ever again. Much less bother to risk my vote being once again subverted or vote for them in any future primary. As it is the GE for this year is up in the air for me unless Hillary Clinton wins the nomination at the convention. I'm solidly in the millions saying NOBama. This Michigan voter won't ever vote for him. No Deal. No backing down. No dice. No chance.

cartoon by Chip Bok