Saturday, December 15, 2007 

DMR: That candidate is New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton

Congrats Hillary! I'm breaking out the bubbly to celebrate this historic moment that you well deserve.

The Iowa Des Moines Register: Democratic endorsement editorial: Why Clinton
See VIDEO: Editorial page editor Carol Hunter announces their endorsement of Senator Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 

John 'Little Bitch' McCain: already a Loser

"How do we beat the Bitch?", says a McCain very worried supporter. Humor Has It... that perhaps she was actually talking about Romney. It would make more sense.

YouTube of McCain laughing at a shocking supporter question

Just give up, none of you can win against Hillary Clinton, a Goddess and soon to be 44th President of the United States. Your pathetic party knows it. You giggle and blush with a weakass heehee, and condone supporters like that? No wonder that loser is in your Loser Camp.

Mother Earth to Little Bitch McCain:
You should have covered your face with your coat, not your hands. Where was an admonishment of any kind that the question was not acceptable in any shape or form? You couldn't cluck out a tut tut? Alas, you aren't going to have to worry about it because you don't have a prayer in hell of winning your Republican Crime Syndicate Party nomination. Most of America knows your RCS Party won't win the Presidency for decades to come. It's for the best, deal with it.

Sunday, September 30, 2007 

Thousands of phony soldiers kick Rush's ass

As you can see above several phony soldiers are getting ready to kick Rush Limbaugh's big fat chickenshithawk ass. Thats right Rush, the only phony soldiers we know of are the thousands of phony arms and legs, otherwise known as prosthetics, replacing the limbs blown off of our real fighting soldiers in these immoral wars. Up your meds and lance that boil on your brain.

Army of Dude wants to talk to you, along with most of reality based America and the entire real Armed Forces. They'll be looking for you for the rest of your rotten misbegotten born days. Run little wingnut, run...

Monday, September 17, 2007 

Boehner's small price to pay...for his tan

Yes don't worry, John Boehner (R-Crocodile Tears) thinks paying $400 for green fees a pop is just a "small price to pay" for his perpetual tan. He thinks our soldiers lives are an even smaller price to pay.

This goddamn sniveling chickenhawk served a whopping 8 whole weeks in the Navy in 1968 before being discharged for an alleged "bad back".

On the topic of his only serving 8 weeks in the Navy but naturally with no combat duty my friend Evabaruk astutely observed:

"wow that's an extended tour amongst repubs"

Saturday, June 30, 2007 

Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn
Saturday, June 30, 2007
9:49am EDT
8° 25'

This Full Moon
If you feel like you are pushing a huge boulder up a steep hill on this Full Moon in Capricorn, blame it on retrograde Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. Ouch! Well, what other Full Moon could face this kind of struggle by shrugging its shoulders, and saying, "So what else is new?" Thank you Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, the great teacher of how to handle hardship, struggle and reality, with commitment, follow-through and guts. So though this is the Full Moon to celebrate goals and achievement, with this kind of planetary resistance to moving forward, we can also celebrate small steps, realistic goal-setting, and being successful when faced with tremendous limitations. Going forward has its right time and right place. This is the night to look within, connect with one's own sense of proper timing and trust the wisdom that arises from this kind of inquiry. Remember retrograde planets are ideal for inner work; especially retrograde Mercury.

This is the night to reach deep into your well of strength and decide that achieving your own inner peace is the only goal worth attaining at this moment in our human evolution. This Full Moon simultaneously uncovers our fear and reflects the solution to our fear: acting only from love, compassion, and doing the hard work of relieving the suffering of all sentient beings by achieving enlightenment and inner peace.

Restore Habeas & StopTorture ACLU protest in East Lansing

On Tuesday June 26th I attended the Restore Habeas & Stop Torture protest at Senator Stabenow's office on Lake Lansing Rd that was promoted by the Lansing/Jackson area ACLU, with further representation by the Greater Lansing Network Against War & Injustice (GLNAWI), Day of National Action to Restore Law & Justice, the Americans Against Escalation in Iraq (AAEI), and other local area organizations that came out. I met alot of very nice people and enjoyed showing up and giving my support to these important issues.

Group shot of protest
Group of some protesters

Restore habeas and stop torture sign
Restore habeas and end torture sign

Stop torture cage with hooded prisoners
Stop Torture cage with hooded prisoners

* Cross posted with more pictures of the protest and additional info on the bills, to restore Habeas and stop torture, in this post: Multi Media Netroots

Sunday, February 11, 2007 

Rep. Anthony Weiner Rips the "Republic Party"

Humor Has It... that the "Republic Party" aren't enjoying their own nasty tasting medicine.

Boo Yah! Rep. Weiner (D Hero - N.Y.) loved your well deserved push back. Now that's the way to stand up for a lady, our Madame Speaker Pelosi.