Tuesday, March 24, 2009 

Breaking: Obot's Constitution found

Humor Has It... that I came across a copy of an Obot Constitution. I wasn't surprised one bit to see some items redacted, the way they treat it. But look at it very closely:

The body of the damn thing is upside down and assbackwards! No wonder they can't follow it correctly or understand our beloved real U.S. Constitution. I don't even want to look at what they might have done to Article II Section I, on eligibility. Thankfully I've made an Obot Constitution Primer that is in my sidebar to remind them of what the eligibility requirements are and where it is.

Friday, March 20, 2009 

New Series: "Take Me To Your TelePrompter!"

Take Me To Your TelePrompter
What Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen was really thinking

Humor Has It... that I'm very pleased to announce that I'm starting a new original series here on 2HHI4U called "Take Me To Your TelePrompter!", or TMTYT for short. Check back often as other world leaders, pundits, and assorted galaxy beings try to have a convo with the stuttering TOTUS. (TelePrompter of the United States)

It seems most of the So Called Media are trying to blame Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen himself on the TOTUS administration's latest huge screw up. Noooooo you clueless sorry bastards and excuses for journalism, the blame lies squarely with BO and his staff of punk gropers that run Obama's teleprompter head. Will somebody please hack into that damn TelePrompter, make it tell the Truth for once so that we can impeach him sooner rather than too later? Where are the real 'tekkie script kiddies' when America really needs them?

I'll let the peeps over at I Hate The Media explain what the "official version" is:


Here’s what happened:

Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen was giving a speech when he realized he was repeating the same words President Obama had just read from the same teleprompter. Cowen stopped, turned to the president and said, “That’s your speech.”

Obama laughed. Oh, how he laughed. It was the laugh of a man who was thinking, “Damn, I’m glad that wasn’t me.”

Then he compounded the problem by walking up to the podium, staring into his trusty teleprompter and giving Cowen’s remarks instead of his own.

In the words of Fox News, “President Obama thanked President Obama for inviting everyone over." [ed: my emph]

So of course over at Barack's Teleprompter Blog , the TelePrompter has responded with its own excuses:

"Well, last night didn't go well. What can I say? I was tired. By the time Barack and the Irish PM stood up, the President and I had already done two major policy speeches, three nomination announcements, and light dinner banter for a table of twelve...

... Barack and I don't go anywhere without each other; we even complete each other's sentences ... well, more mine than his, but let's not split hairs."

There, there, we're trying to understand. No mention of him thanking himself. (tele a tele)

We already know being a TelePrompter is a thankless job. I mean afterall you can't use the excuse of the scandalous new Wednesday Nite Whitehouse Wild Whoopee Parties since St. Pats Day fell on a Tuesday this year. But I'm afraid it is not "Top O the Day" anymore is it, it's more like "Tip(ple) O the Day".

For I espied one of your BOteleprompter Twitters (Twitter: a.k.a. the 2008 candidate's supreme vetter. Don't miss Crys 4 Prez: she's been thoroughly 'blogged, texted, twittered and otherwise massaged' and vetted for prez on Twitter too!) from March 19th that says:
"What's a TelePrompter gotta do to get a drink on Air Force One?" See? I think you meant Air Force Won. Man do they have a 9/12 Step Program for you!