Saturday, June 14, 2008 

My vote cost an arm and a leg this year

Thanks go out to PatRacimora over at No Quarter for the graphic.

Apparently the DNC & RBC thinks the voters in Michigan and Florida only have half a brain left too. Are we supposed to be using our left brain or right brain now? Are we going to suffer phantom itches where the other half of our vote is supposed to be? It is too late for Dr. Dean to fix this up. We're not voter crash test dummies.

Make sure to read Piper's eyewitness account of the sham May 31st RBC meeting. Also Iphie over at Corrente has a couple of first person accounts of the meeting: Initial thoughts on RBC debacle, and a followup post with More from RBC meeting.

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Update: Saw this cartoon on a blog, it perfectly captures how the DNC managed to make us MI & FL voters less than 3/5ths of a vote. Heckava job HowieCo, eh. I find it amazing that after this year's total clusterfuck that the DNC thinks I would trust them ever again. Much less bother to risk my vote being once again subverted or vote for them in any future primary. As it is the GE for this year is up in the air for me unless Hillary Clinton wins the nomination at the convention. I'm solidly in the millions saying NOBama. This Michigan voter won't ever vote for him. No Deal. No backing down. No dice. No chance.

cartoon by Chip Bok

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