Friday, April 18, 2008 

Obama feeling down, his Claw comes out

Humor Has It... that when Obama is feeling down...
his Claw comes out. !

Or as ladywalker68 commented over at Taylor Marsh:

"...After all, they are only BIRDS.....Just BIRDS"

Obama got his ass kicked 6 ways to Sunday in the latest debate held Wednesday night on ABC, and not just by Hillary this time. For the first time evah he was finally nailed with some hard questions, questions that America (except for his followers) have been wondering about. Instead of getting his pillow fluffed and constantly adjusted while the waving palm fronds waft a cool breeze over him on CNN and MSNBC: you know, his Free Campaign Networks & Advertising Coalition. Now he's wailing that ain't Wright. !

The next day he had a full hissy fit and once again attacked Hillary, and by making more than just disparaging remarks. He's claiming Hillary scratched him I guess, oh how horrible. Just Words.. Just Birds. Watch this short clip:

And for a longer version with a better viewpoint and a full range of him in action check out this YouTube:

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