Friday, January 20, 2006 

Mrs. K8's Yellow Feather Postcard Project

My lovely friend Mrs. K8 that comments over at my fave blog Firedoglake has come up with a great idea and project to put some pressure on the MCCM (Mainstream Corporate Co-opted Media) that perpetually practice Yellow Journalism, especially the blatant water carriers for the rightwingnuts and the Republican Corrupted Administration. They don't seem to care if they deliberately spread lies, propaganda, falsehoods, misinformation, or any manner of dishonorable, sloppy, unfactual reporting, as in "what journalistic ethics?" Whether it's on TV, online, radio, or in print it's time to do even more to remind them that they have ethical standards to uphold, and not be lead around by the hand, nose, and pen to do the Republican's bidding at beck and call.

Mrs. K8 hopefully will come up with some type of official kickoff to showcase this wonderful idea to help get us Progressives, all over, onboard with this program. In the meantime I have lots of time on my hands with the new blog to give this Yellow Feather Postcard Project some wings, and want to help Mrs. K8 get the word out as much as possible.(Note: I don't have the official name of it yet) Mrs. K8 briefly outlines her project here :

My updated idea is to get yellow card-stock to cut into post-card shapes. [You know there are plenty of cowards and yellow journalists out there, deserving to hear from us.]

I will find a pen-quill clip-art image, to print on the card-stock post-card. The message on the card will make it clear, too. The beauty of the post-card is that it doesn't frighten the cowards -- no envelopes to open with the dreaded fear of "powder" inside. In addition, the bright yellow post-card itself will be starkly visible to all who handle the mail, and who might take a gander at the message.

It's very simple really, send mail (or fax instead) to deserving wayward journalists, pundits, editors, and TV anchors with yellow feathers or yellow postcards, or yellow postcards with an imprint of a feather on it with your message of some noble sort to get a clue on. Let them know their inartful lies are unacceptable! Let's help make this a symbol of being put on notice that higher ideals and honesty are expected and demanded of them. Another possible name to use could be Yellow Media Project for short? Let's mindstorm then mailstorm when needed.

I'll be back with some updates on this as soon as I know more. Blessings to Mrs. K8. It would be cool to add on all of them as a clarion call something that we've discussed before -
"The Constitution: Are you for it - or against it?"

UPDATE: A commenter 'notjonathon' at FDL alerted us to "Operation Yellow Feather" via Political Cortex. Following the links lead me to the original article dated 11/22/05 over at Booman Tribune posted by Boston Joe. He says about his Operation Yellow Feather :

[..] You can help. Please print off one of the protest forms below and send them to the offices of Rep. Schmidt and Rep. Bubp. Take the time to write a personalized note on your form, explaining that the "chicken hawk" tactics of the Republican party will not be tolerated. Let's bury their offices with "chicken hawk" feathers, so that the next time they feel like squawking in public, they will remember that we are watching them.

Here are the forms: (My warning- small PDF's)

Lost Your Chicken Hawk Feather?
The Chicken Hawk Unit Patch
The Classic Yellow Feather (Make sure to explain)
The Ugly Chicken Hawk (Fill in the voice bubble)

[..] You are welcome to share this information far and wide on the Internet. In fact, we hope you do so. We hope to keep these lovely people warm with piles of "chicken hawk" feathers. It is getting awfully cold for Republicans in Ohio about now.

Humor Has It... that great minds really do think alike. Granted 'Operation Yellow Feather' is geared more towards the War Chickenhawks and we want to target the Hack Journalists/Media with the 'Yellow Feather Postcard Project', both have the same underlying premise to gladly promote as a bright yellow sunny wake up call.

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