Thursday, January 19, 2006 

Some Political Predictions for 2006

Mackinac Bridge

Robert Wilkerson has written an excellent article called Some Political Predictions for 2006 that I thoroughly enjoyed. It's inspiring and uplifting, and gives us a peek of what we can hopefully expect in 2006. Some of my favorite excerpts:

Last year was "business as usual" blowing up in the faces of the arrogant, and America's secret torture and spying operations are now out for all to smell. While there will be much we don't know, expect 2006 to bring about a widespread call for justice, equilibrium, fairness, and openness. When that happens in the body politic, it usually accompanies a "throw the bums out" tidal wave that grows stronger over months and results in fairly large political changes. Incumbancy will not help those who seek re-election in 2006.

Another factor in the 2006 election will be an increasing number of calls for more transparency in voting, including greater scrutiny of electronic vote machines. The companies that make the machines will soon not be able to steal elections as they have in the past due to calls for paper trails and recordable and verifiable records.

All in all, by this time next year it will be seen that 2006 is going to be a fairly radical year, and progressive and just policies more important than the exclusive, secretive policies of the past two years. The signs of a long range political revolution will begin to emerge this year, and those who are liberal or progressive will be a lot more bold and outspoken. There will be fierce defenses of alternative views, and the status quo will no longer be favored. Thus reform policies will gain traction, with more focus on practical tasking and less ideological crowing.

Again, there will be increasing outrage against injustice, with the usual fault finding as teams are formed to accomplish more than has been thought possible up to now. The political tide is definitely turning, and revolution will be in the air. The drums of war will diminish, and we may expect an atmosphere of confidence and optimism, and temporary improved economic conditions. Humanitarianism, justice, and devotion to higher ideals of service and loyalty will be more in evidence. Those who are insincere or noncommittal will be very frustrated this year.

New solutions will be found for long-standing problems, including environmental ones. There will be substantial breakthroughs in science and technology, helping fuel capital markets, R&D, and overall investment. Security tech will go through the roof, as will medical, with big pharma sinking under its own weight. Stock markets will be volatile, with overall gains due to new companies fueling increases while obsoletes shrink, fracture, or are absorbed into larger groups. The insurance industry will continue to reel from losses due to increasing numbers of natural disasters. Expect them and other malfunctioning sectors to seek more governmental protections.

This will be a year of fire and vitality, with sincerity, enthusiasm, and working for a better world valued more than previous years. Dirty tricks and dirty politics will continue to fall out of favor, and the collective memory will awaken to what a more ideal world would look like.

Go read the rest and may we all pray that things will shape up this year to bring fairness and justice, build bridges of sanity, and improve the world for All. Thanks Robert.

*Graphic of the Mackinac Bridge connecting the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan.

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