Thursday, January 19, 2006 

Humor Has It... I'm blogging

Humor Has It... that I'm going to jump in with my fellow Liberal Progressives and blog. The world has gone crazy and if we can't laugh it's enough to make you cry. Regardless of the fact I lose my sense of humor these days with what the Republican Corruption of Crime and Cronyism are up to, their tactics and New World View are outrageously ridiculous. And so I'm going to pound away each day bringing their foibles, mischief, and mayhem to light and mock the hell out of them as they so richly deserve.

Humor Has It... that I run across alot of funny shit on these here Internets which I will want to share. Especially in the comment sections I see everywhere, I'll be highlighting and linking to any that make me laugh. Keep your Eye out for any that deserve a special Humor Has It... "Spew My Drink Award", please email me the entry with the links to any that you find to be showcased here. That includes great graphics, there's some brilliant photoshop artists around.

Humor Has It ... that I'm getting a crash course in PHP language, thankfully I know CSS. I'm having a blast tweaking the template, colors, and getting some basics in the sidebar. Much more to come soon.

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