Thursday, October 05, 2006 

Last fun night the Rethugs or Foley will ever have again

Mark Foley, Amo Houghton, Bill Thomas

Amo Houghton, Dennis Hastert, (James R. Houghton?)

Fred Grandy, Bob Michel, Amo Houghton, Dennis Hastert

Let's back up that Foley timeline once again, just a tad, to what was happening when life was still fun for the Rethugs before Page Rage set in, the Heave Eve if you will of cocktails, weenies, and trophies. In slow mo reverse it goes something like this:

  • Sept. 30: Hastert writes letters several months years too late asking for an investigation of Foley's conduct.
  • Sept. 29: ABC publishes explicit Instant Messages. Foley resigns his seat in the House along with his co-Chair seat as head of the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus.
  • Sept. 28: ABC News alerts the whole freakin' world of inappropriate Foley emails.
  • Sept 27, 2006: The Eve of destruction. Republican Main Street Partnership holds their Annual John Chafee Dinner Republican Par-Tay.

Mark Foley is was a member of the Republican Main Street Partnership [wiki] until very recently, right up until at least Sept 27th or 29th - give or take a desperate hour - (the original member list is cached in Google retrieved on Sep 25, 2006 08:19:16 GMT). He did attend the big dinner the night before all hell broke loose:


September 28, 2006

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) Headlines Main Street’s Annual Chafee Dinner (Washington, D.C.) – Wednesday night, the Republican Main Street Partnership hosted its annual Chafee Dinner – named for former Rhode Island Senator John Chafee (R).

Representative Mark Foley (R-FL) was master of ceremonies for this year’s dinner, which was headlined by Chafee Award winner –Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

Annual Dinner- Senator John McCain(AZ), on the right, accepts RMSP Chafee award from Rep.Tom Davis (center), the RMSP Board President, and Rep. Mark Kirk (left) at our annual dinner, held Sept. 27, 2006.

The Master of Ceremonies is quite the attendance. Odd isn't it that a main URL about an 'annual dinner' has been disappeared, but a different one showing Foley's pic up top is cached, and his image is still in their main directory. I guess they forgot to remove it when they yanked it off the web page and his name off the current membership list.

Hastert himself, who claims he doesn't really know Foley, was a recipient of this RMSP award for the 2001 season, (Tom Ridge in 2002, Andy Card in 2003, Bill Frist 2004, Specter in 2005, are some more past honorees) the yearly awards are listed on the very web page Foley's pic was on originally. They've done a whole lotta scrubbing and shuffling things around on the site in the last week it seems, their site search function turns up lots of dead links.

The top three images above all seem to have been taken on the same night if you look at the striped 'yellow tie' Amo Houghton is wearing which would put ole Denny Hastert and Mark Foley smack together on that evening. It's hard to tell if the three pics were taken in 2005 for last year's dinner or if they are from this year, their site mislabeled or was unclear about a few things here and there that didn't match up or make sense at first, and most pics are simply labeled "recent dinner". The fresh McCain pic is a screenshot from the home page. Did Hastert attend the dinner last week where Foley was the master of ceremonies and John McCain was the headliner? Have they even arrested Hastert for the hugely corrupt Page Scandal Coverup yet? What do you think would happen to you if you sent lurid emails to young teens?

The man on the far right in image 2 is cited as being Bob Michel in a pic (see image 2 and 3 above) in their photo gallery , both men couldn't be the same Bob. I stumbled upon a pic of James Houghton (of Corning and Exxon) looking for Bob confirmation. Amory-father, Amo-brother, James looks like father Amory (founder of RMSP), all are related to Katherine Houghton Hepburn.

Hope all those drinks, food, and jovial hugs were real good there guys no matter how long you have been partying together, I think Sept 27th will be the last fun night any of you will have in quite awhile, not so much to laugh about these days is there? The Iraqis, us, and the world certainly aren't smiling either, nor do we believe a word that comes out of your mouths.

Had Enough? Vote for someone who really cares about our kids and ALL kids. Vote Democratic.

UPDATE: Over at Left-Over blog I see that seenos found the same pic of Foley on Oct 3 from the RMSP site, whereas I found it in a Google search and became curious over the dead links.

I also found a couple blurbs about a USA Today story from Oct 3 that briefly mentions Foley emceeing the dinner:

Foley's announcement Monday surprised Sarah Chamberlain, executive director of the Republican Main Street Partnership. Foley emceed the group's annual dinner Wednesday.

At the dinners, he was always working, so usually he didn't have anything to drink," she says.

Checked his bad self into drunk rehab huh? Do they have a Drunk-On-Power-And-Hubris Rehab Adult Day Care Center for the damn near entire Republican Party yet?


Sharon said...

"Bush has been drinking de Cider"
and makin' up de House Rules!

The repukes are just rePUNKs. Don't white men ever grow up? (My apologies to the exceptions)

Shez said...

LOL Sharon! Good to see you, I've been meaning to give you a call. I've been busy building some more blogs and reviewing my old web design programs and lessons, and figured out how to operate the c-panel for my website server. Been building some website template pages and learning how to use my logo creator.

I tried out the new Beta Blogger too this week for a blog for my pool league. The beta version has a great new feature of tags/categories along with the regular sidebar archives, and the archives can now be set to include post titles if you wish. They teamed up with Google. We will be able to change this blog over to the new system eventually.

Foleygate is something huh?

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