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Spare the divining rod Spoil the perv

Maybe the Rethugs can't and won't be a divining rod for what's moral or decent but us liberals are, and will be, for you. There aren't many things the Republicans do that are even close to being moral and decent. Mark Foley is their latest poster manchild for what is terribly wrong with their entire Republican Party of bacchanalian hubris, gluttony, and total corruption.

This is how we spell hypocrisy:

From a 1999 interview with Mark Foley -

Congressman Mark Foley, Hollywood's New Point Man on Capitol Hill, Is Full of Surprises by Alicia Mundy September 21, 1999

You're supposed to be a key conservative member in Congress. So, how do you explain your leadership role in blocking Henry Hyde's so-called "culture amendment" in June?

"We should not be the ones to tell the public what they should let their children see. We can't be the divining rod for what's moral or what's decent."

Why don't we see you out there holding press conferences with other conservatives like John McCain, William Bennett (author of The Book of Virtues) and Joe Lieberman (a liberal Democrat who complained a few years ago that the dialogue on Cybill was too dirty for family viewing)?

"I admire William Bennett and Joe Lieberman and definitely John McCain. But they're trying to blame society's ills on one aspect only--entertainment. As for their impact--hey, I don't think anyone sees a politician as being a moral leader."

Foley got that last part correct, no we do not see you as being moral leaders, quite the contrary. Then we have Foley's testimony before the House Judiciary Subcommittee:



.. The numbers are shocking. There are currently over 500,000 registered sex offenders in the United States – with 24,000 of them living in North Carolina and Virginia alone. Of that, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, we are missing between 100,000 to 150,000 of these predators.

.. The legislation, which has been introduced in the Senate by senators Hatch and Biden, builds on the assumption that everyone – the federal government, the states and the average citizen -- has a role to play in keeping track of sex offenders.

.. Sex offenders are not petty criminals. They prey on our children like animals and will continue to do it unless stopped. We need to change the way we track these pedophiles.

.. Mr. Chairman, it has often been noted that a society can be judged on how it best treats it children. We have a moral responsibility to do everything in our power to protect our kids from these animals. This bill will turn the tables and make prey out of these predators. Failing to act on this measure is just playing Russian roulette with our children’s lives. (emphasis mine)

That's right, we're looking forward to seeing Mark Foley have to register as soon as possible with his own sexual predators and sexual offenders bill he was the head of. A new report has come out in the LA Times this morning with the type of story we've all been expecting that it was much more than emails and IM's, they have first hand account details of actual sex with an ex-page:

Ex-Page Tells of Foley Liaison

The young man says the then-congressman eyed males in the program. He says he was 21 when he and the Florida Republican had sex.
By Walter F. Roche Jr., Times Staff WriterOctober 8, 2006

A former House page says he had sex with then-Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla.) after receiving explicit e-mails in which the congressman described assessing the sexual orientation and physical attributes of underage pages but waiting until later to make direct advances.

The former page, who agreed to discuss his relationship with Foley with the Los Angeles Times on the condition that he not be identified, said his electronic correspondence with Foley began after he finished the respected Capitol Hill page program for high school juniors. His sexual encounter was in the fall of 2000, he said. At the time, he was 21 and a graduate of a rural Northeastern college.

.. The FBI has begun contacting former pages, and at least one — a deputy campaign manager for Rep. Ernest Istook, an Oklahoma Republican who is running for governor there — has hired a criminal defense lawyer, according to a published report. Istook issued a statement last week urging the media to protect the young man's privacy after his name was briefly posted on the ABC News website.

.. After leaving the program, the former page began receiving messages from Foley. He is uncertain how Foley knew his college instant-message name, but assumed the congressman had access to a directory listing former pages' whereabouts.

.. The exchanges quickly became provocative. In one 2000 message, Maf54 inquired about the length and direction of the youth's erection.

.. The former page, who served during Foley's first term, said that he believed Foley became bolder in his behavior during his decade in Congress.

"He clearly has used his position, but who hasn't?" the former page said. He still follows protocol in referring to the former congressman as "Mr. Foley."

So let me get this straight, Congressman Foley used his congressional position to find this page's personal contact details, targeted him, groomed him, and then used him to have sexual positions with and continue his long term, well known, pattern. The same pattern the highest levels of Republicans have known about and covered up for years. Just like the rest of their numerous crimes they cover up. Clearly this ex page must be a Young Republican to think be brainwashed that everyone does and should use their positions of power to get everything and anything they want, but I'm here to tell this young man even though he was of age by the time the tryst went down that our representives in Congress are there to work for us and govern the land properly, make good laws that follow the Constitution, use good judgement, practice oversight - and insure checks and balances- not to party, use people, or fuck over Americans and children.

This is not a gay issue, it's a sex crimes and sexual predator issue from the very people who are supposed to know and act better. It is a chronic Republican crimes and coverup issue. Had enough? Vote Democratic for humane morals, decency, safety, protection, and oversight.

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I've been blogging for a little while at HotFlash blog, mainly to vent about Stabenow. I reason that I am not destroying morale since no one is reading it, and it sure makes me feel better.

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