Sunday, September 10, 2006 

Mickey Mouse says Bill Clinton is Satan!

Over at Kos a diary went up with 6 leaked clips from Disney/ABC's "Path to Propaganda 9/11" fantasy movie, from a fundie site called Traditional Values that we weren't allowed to peek at like they were. The Traditional Values folk seem to like to celebrate death and destruction. They are proud of Mickey Mouse slandering and lying about an ex President boys and girls. Here's three screen shots I took from clip #6:

Taking target practice at a movie playing of Clinton. Mickey Mouse loves this shot.

Celebrating how much Mickey Mouse will love this gun raising up that's supposed to be pointed at the ground like my dad the master sharp shooter taught me at the Navy shooting range on gun saftey when I was growing up.

Here Mickey Mouse screams to the world: CLINTON IS SATAN!

I could have taken at least a dozen screen shots of that last shot across the bow as there were so many frames available. Now Mickey, where are the frames calling Bush the AntiChrist?

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